Breezy RLU-1
Gross Weight 1458 lbs
Empty Weight 762 lbs
Engine 0-200-B Continental
Takeoff Run 300 ft
Cruise Speed 70 kts
Fuel Capacity 22 gallons
Range 4.0 Hours

Specifications For Breezy  N15MY

Normal Operations 0-200B

Cruise  75 MPH   

Never Exceed  105 MPH

Climb  60 MPH  

Glide    55 MPH

Stall  33 MPH

Construction Welded Chrome Molly Tubing, Fabric Covered Wings & Tail 

Engine: Continental 0-200B 4Cyl
              Air Cooled

Propeller Wood Sensinch Pusher

Wings J3 ( I used J3 wings from Wag Aero) 

Length 22.5Ft   

Height 8.5 Ft   

Wheel Base 10 Ft

Tread 6 Ft

Tires  600x6 Mains   Nose   500x5

Brakes Grove Hyd Disc Brakes 

Seats  2

Gross Weight 1460

Empty Weight 762

Datum Leading edge of wing

Leveling Datum  Lower Portions of “A” Frame

C/G Range +10.0’ to +24.0’ using  J3  Wing

EW C.G  +39.0

Take off run Pavement  450’ 

Landing roll Pavement 300’ 

Control Surface Movement              Elev.     30° Up  25° Down
Ailrn    20° Up 20° Down
Rudder        25° Lt  25° Rt

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